I’ve got a huge number of these so they’ll probably by in batches…

TSA to be trained to arrest people based on examining their facial expressions – hello facecrime.

If we think things are crazy in the US now – Herbert Hoover wanted to jail 12,000 “dissident” American citizens in 1950 for the crime of not being patriotic enough.

The MPAA has banned at least two posters for movies about Gitmo using mock-ups of real situations for being unsuitable for public viewing and yet the graphic nature of posters for things like Saw 3 gets worse all the time. Seems it’s okay as long as it’s not real…

The FBI is putting together a massive biometrics database – I hope there data security is better than here.

Some US states are finally listening to the facts and turning down funding tied to abstenance only sex education.

New Jersey becomes the first state in 40 years to abolish the death penalty.

California and 11 other states sue the federal government to introduce tougher environment standards on cars. I’m not sure what boggles the mind more – the idea that the federal restrictions limit maximum *and* effective *minimum* level of emissions or the fact that this is lead by governor Schwarzenegger who is (notionally) a Republican.

Massive increase in federal spending on document shredding.

Icelandic tourist to US held for two days, shackled, deported — over a ten-year-old visa mistake. This is my “tipping point” reason for not going to the US with Annie in a couple of weeks.

Lastly, not explicitly tied to America but imagine if instead of a President who is in favour of “teaching the controversy” on evolution there had been someone like this ex-India PM.