I’ve got piles of links that go back to well before Xmas so if I don’t put them on here soon I never will so here’s a few…

The Director of Public Prosecutions has said that the UK will no longer be using the phrase “War on Terror”.

If you thought the National ID card scheme was a bad ID (now unlikely given how much government data has been lost recently) then how about everyone in the new census (up to 10,000 people) having to supply DNA? I think it may actually be a crime to refuse to fill in the census if asked (David?) but if they ask me for a DNA sample I won’t be giving it.

No-one is surprised to find out tha the BAE investigation was stopped directly from the ex-PM himself.

The internet is so mainstream now that the government may “require” parents to have it at home to support “real time reporting” for kids from schools.