I Just read a passing comment on Slashdot that got me thinking:

> The op-ed piece refers to religious faith as “belief without evidence.” I believe this definition to be false.
> Certainly the characters who wrote in and were described by the Bible would not consider religious faith to
> be “belief without evidence.” Rather they wrote what they considered to be personal evidence, with the
> hopes that readers of their words would likewise seek for their own personal evidence.

I had never considered that before. Religion these days is all about faith. The belief that incredible supernatural things happened a long time ago. However, if you are presented with a burning bush of the word of God first hand – who needs faith! The characters in the Bible took what evidence they saw in front of them and interpreted it into the most logical framework for the evidence that they could come up with. In other words they used scientific method. Can anyone suggest of a section in the Bible where any character was persuaded to believe in God without any evidence?