Gordon Brown seems to be having good at stating that everything is an “emergency” or “top priority” in a way to make the words meaningless – even more so than Tony Blair ever did :Development goals are an “emergency” – PM .

I’ll be very interested to see what would be in a UK Bill of Rights since many of the ones enshrined in the US (freedom of speach / the press / assembly, freedom from establishment of religion, right to bare arms, etc) are manifestly present in this country :PM announces consultation on Bill of Rights .

I’d just like to say now that if I encounter this I will not be subjected to it. I’d rather be arrested :Rail passengers face anti-terror searches.

Freedom of speech? This isn’t exactly “fire in a theatre” :‘Lyrical terrorist’ guilty over records.

Not really politics but still chilling :Snitch-chips embedded in UK school’s uniforms.

This is a really interesting essay about the whole idea of nationhood – I’d be very interested in people’s opinions on this. The premis is that if all the football teams in the UK are made up of non-nationals and the coach is likewise foreign then does it make sense to have a national side that is made up of people from anywhere who are willing to play for England if paid? The assault on geography breeds ignorance and erodes nationhood.

Personally given the working environment I have (the people I work with, where I’ve travelled to and the folks I call and email all day) I can almost feel the nation state bleeding away in real time. Local government makes perfect sense to tax people to provide amenities but nation states feel more redundant all the time – I suspect I’m in a rapidly growing tiny minority…