Google release some web-api glue to start linking all the diverse social networking sites together (expect for FaceBook which doesn’t want to play) :OpenSocial makes the web better .

TSR completely miss the point by releasing a software package with D&D 4.0 so that people can play online – the whole point of RPGing being it’s an excuse to sit in a room with your friends and have fun :Dungeons and Dragons 4.0 meets Web 2.0 .

Very interesting essay from Cory Doctorow about the implications of social networking. In brief he says that because friendship links online don’t weaken in the way that real friendships do you’re stuck with the people from school / uni or your old jobs who will want to know instantly why you no-longer want to be their “friend” if you don’t write back to them within a short period of them writing to you. It used to be that you didn’t see someone for a few months and they potentially dropped off your radar – often in exchange for new friends. No longer :Facebook will sink under the weight of socially obligated “friendships” .