It’s been upwards of a month since I’ve posted any links (for people to not read). I’ve been to India and back in the meantime – busy busy.

I’ve got a whole bunch of sections so I’ll start off with some small one’s tonight.

The environment – only one in here :Floating toxic plastic garbage island twice the size of Texas

Religion. You’re going ot hear about this less from me in the future. I’ve had to cut down on my Bloglines feeds as I just don’t have time to read them all (BoingBoing, The Guardian and Slashdot are about 100 stories a day alone) so I’ve deleted all the atheist ones. Anyway :

An interesting graphic :History of religion in 90 seconds

Ed’s report on how most crucifixes sold in the US are made in extremely unpleasant Chinese sweatshops :Crosses Made in Chinese Sweatshops.

The American Family Association (ie average American anti-gay folks) are up in arms due to not allowing the Gideons to leave bibles in hotels. Interestingly for every one that is banning them it sounds like another is leaving them there but adding the Koran, a book on Buddism or the Book or Morman (only in the USA) :AFA Boycotting Hotels.

Talking of gay folks it looks like the fact that young folks today are perfectly happy with gay people in their lives / media means that they are seriously starting to go off the organisations that are still against them :Anti-Gay Bigotry Undermines Christian Evangelism? .

Not religion per say but an interesting story about a house that was sold on the grounds of being haunted but the new owner never saw any ghosts – so sued :Courts and Irrational Beliefs .

Money. Only one for this one too. I may have already mentioned how cool Kiva microfinance is but here’s doing it again :Jessica Flannery of on Microfinance .

That’s enough for this post…