Ed Brayton’s Rev Moon series.
10,000 Cameras Ineffective At Deterring Crime
Impassable Northwest Passage Open For First Time In History
British Heretics’ Black Plaques commemorate the eldritch
Pub customers happily line up for drug testing
State dept. won’t say why UK music scholar is barred from US

‘Disaster area’ prison agency to be scrapped in weeks. GAH! For all the exact reasons all the people in the Probation and Prison Services gave over 3 years ago. Such a huge amount of money wasted and none of it helping the clients move away from a life of crime.

HIV-infected condoms ‘sent to kill Africans’. Am I the only one who finds it amazing that people still say things like this to the global press? Don’t the realise that they are just embarrassing themselves?

Tories: only millionaires should pay inheritance tax. I’m confused – this sounds like a good idea but contrary to common sense for politicians who depend on donations from the very rich. When a similar proposal was mooted in the US Congress refused to vote for it even when the limit was upped to $10M (see Michael Moore et al).

Obama campaign targets London. The most fascinating thing about this is not that there are enough American citizens living permanently in the UK to make it worth targeting for contributions. What I find interesting is the comment at the bottom where it says that they are considering running a Primary over here. You can’t get a demonstration of globalisation on the march at future shock speeds than this. Where you happen to live is rapidly becoming less of an indication of where you vote (at least for the wealthy). Someone once said that everyone should get to vote in the US elections as the outcome influences the whole world. With American people increasingly living very long terms overseas without changing their nationality this can be looked at as starting to happen in a small way…

China joins UN censure of Burma. This is a big deal. China is effectively saying that the situation in Burma is bad for business and that’s what’s important to them these days.

Labour tries to block new BAE inquiry. New boss, same as the old boss (“four legs good, two legs better!”).

Bush vetoes child health bill. Regardless of the merits of the bill this shows a politician with total contempt for the idea of even trying to look good in front of the voters any more. I wouldn’t want to be a Republican party campaign runner.

Government backs combining faith schools. I wasn’t going to bother to put this one up but I just had an interesting thought. What if someone I knew had kids in an area where the best school was a faith school? What if effectively pushing one religion was part of the curriculum could I say it was a good idea to send them there even though the rest of the academic life was good…?

After 10,000 Years, Farming No Longer Dominates. I think this is one of the biggest things I’ve ever heard of (along with more people in cities than the countryside) and yet one story of /. is the only place I’ve seen it come up.

The World’s Languages Are Fast Becoming Extinct. On the one hand a common world language (perhaps so-called “Chinglish”?) would bring a lot of advantages in terms a level global playing field for many things. On the other hand as my more literary friends have said any loss of a method of communication inherently removes a way a looking at the world and therefore makes it in some ways a smaller place. Still, I think the good points outweigh the bad.

And finally…

Sock exchange at San Francisco laundromat.