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20 Years Ago, I…
1. ..I was 15. I was in the top 3 of the majority of my classes and ran the school paper.
2. …Was in the middle of a long unrequited crush on one of my friends.
3. …Was listening to mainstream music, had short hair and in general very conventional.

15 Years Ago, I…

1. …I was in my second year of university doing very little work, going out to clubs and drinking a lot.
2. …Living in a shared house where I was awake almost 12 hours out of sync with everyone else.
3. …I was running several student societies – which seemed very important at the time…

10 Years Ago, I…

1. …I was two years into my first job and enjoying it very much.
2. …I was living on my own for the first time.
3. …I finally started to get somewhere with the opposite sex.

5 Years Ago, I…

1. …I was living in my own (and still current) flat.
2. …I was still working for the same company I had joined in 1995 and still enjoying it.
3. …I was between girlfriends.

2 Years Ago, I…

1. …Had gone from my old job to the dole to the horrible Probation Service job to my current company (thanks to

2. …Went sailing in Greece.
3. …Started going out with


1 Year Ago, I…

1. …Had had

move in.
2. …Went to Vancouver for the first time.
3. …Did up my flat with

in order to sell it and then decided that now it was nice it was much easier to stay.

So far this year, I’ve…

1. …Done my share of 50+ hour weeks.
2. …Changed jobs at the same company (see above)
3. …Been to India, Canada and Italy within 6 weeks.

Yesterday, I…

1. …Had two fillings.
2. …Went to a crap 3 hour meeting.
3. …Went out for a meal with

and some of her work colleagues. Her colleagues got drunk, load and offensive – was very happy to leave.

Today, I…

1. …Filled this in.
2. …Stressed about doing work later on today (it’s only 1am).
3. …Thought about eating cheese…

Tomorrow, I’ll…

1. ..Do some shopping (exciting, eh)
2. ..Ask the post office why we keep on getting mail for people several streets away.
3. ..Do some work (in theory).