“More fun” promised for Doctor Who and Torchwood. So, remove an assisstant everyone likes to be replaced by one no-one likes and then stop making “dark” (ie good) episodes to be replaced by “fun” (ie ridiculous) ones. Ah well, it will keep the non-fans happy for a season or two till something else comes along by which time the fans will left and it’ll all be over. I suppose 4 or 5 seasons isn’t bad for a come-back show. The show has shown several times over how it could be so much more but going popularist is going to take it the way of Silvester McCoy and an early return to being off-air. Ah well – still only a TV show.

Excellent comic.

‘Tragedy beyond words’ for family as woman, 20, dies after park attack – self explanatory.

Pupils face tracking bugs in school blazers. Expect a lot more things like this as cellphone GPS becomes ubiquitous. Not only “I’ll buy you a phone if you leave tracking on” but also “Why would you switch it off? Surely if you’re only at the office or with me it won’t matter?”.

Russia forces World Service off air. Somehow this is more disturbing and saddening than the tit-for-tat expulsion of diplomats.