Originally uploaded by Dave Durant.

Today I walked from my hotel all the way round the coast to the Museum of Anthropolog. This took the better part of 3 hours (including plenty to stops to sit and look at the water) so I got there at 4pm. So, with only an hour before it closed I natually spent the next 60 minutes sitting and looking at Raven (whom I said ‘hi’ to on behalf of alobear).

In another increable ‘Canadian’ example I came out of the museum looking for the bus stop. I overheard a guy telling people where to go to get a cab so I asked him where the stop was. He in turn asked me where I was going and after I told him he said “Oh, we’re going roughly that way let us drop you off!” So him, his wife, his son and his parents (over from Germany) packed themselves and me into his averaged sized car and her drove me right to the front door of the hotel. 🙂