I really didn’t feel up to going clubbing tonight which I was quite sad after I left work. I walked the short distance down to sit on the waterfront at Coal Harbour. I sat for an hour and watched the sea planes take off and land on the crystal blue water with the the fir tree covered mountains in the distance and Stanley Park just across the bay.

I can’t walk very quickly at the moment due to the state of my insides so I took a leasurely 90 mins walk through downtown past lots of interesting shops and people. I walked up and over Granville Bridge where I saw the most amazing sunset I’ve ever seen boil down over the mountains and into sea. I then walked down into Granville Island where I went to The Keg which is one of my all time favorite pubs where I had an excellent plate of nachoes (for the first time in months) and listened to the music being played – which was much better than I could have hoped for in any night out clubbing (Evanescence, Everclear, Presidents of the USA, Blonde, The Clash, etc, etc).

All in all a very good night and, who knows, I can do exactly the same thing again tomorrow.

As I was watching the sun go down I realised that “spending some time living in Vancouver” is something else to add to my list of things that would be nice to do in my life but that I know will never happen. That’s okay – I can live with all of those and I’m more than happy just to come back here to visit every so often.