As some of you probably know I’m a member of Amnesty International’s Urgent Action Network. This means that every month or so I get an email about suspected torture in some remote place in the world and a list of fax numbers of people to contact. They say that as these people are deluged with faxes it makes them aware that the world is watching and sometimes, rarely but sometimes, it makes a difference.

I had one arrive yesterday while I was here in India. Rather than write the letters and attempt to fax them to Guinea-Bissau from the hotel it was actually easier to push them to my home PC in London (via 29 intermediate routed hops) and then, using VNC, to load them into Open Office remotely and then use that to fax them to Africa (no doubt via many intermediate routing boxes).

Sometimes I like to just take a moment to appreciate who easy it is to perform such incredible world-spanning technological feats these days.