I’ve long been interested in the paelo-future (how people in the past saw the future). This link however is quite incredable – How the Nazis saw the future.

Some interesting Wikipedia hacks. This one colour codes sections of pages by how frequently they have been changed. The idea being that the bits that say white no-one disagrees with so are more likely to be true. This one is a system that checks logged IP addresses of anonymous contributers to see if they are from well known corporate of government assigned IP blocks. This can be used to see if these folks are spinning pages about themselves.

1994 video Cheney explaining why it’s a bad idea to invade Iraq.  This is probably around the same time of the video of him shaking hands with Saddam Hussein.

US tech firm behind massive new human-tracking system in China. 20,000 cameras with face recognition software. 12 million people in one city will have to carry ID cards with massive amounts of data on them. This plus the cameras coming into NYC in large numbers… Well, one more step to the Transparent Society or the alternative…

The Great ivy league nude posture photo scandal. I’m sure this must be a hoax but I can’t find anything that says it is. Nude photos taken by colleges of, amongst others, most of the famous American politicians of today. All in the name of “posture”. I can’t believe people with these backgrounds would submit to this!

Bad cops to wear Hello Kitty armbands. Story from Thailand. Wouldn’t it be interesting to have people who commit minor crimes and are tagged be forced to wear something hideous (pink and green combo) when outside. Spot checks (since tagging shows where they are) could be in order. Cruel and unusual to be sure but interestin idea none the less.

Several highly publicised anti-war films due out in the US soon – while troops are still enagged – this is appearently a first. People must think there’s money in it.

Karl Rove is out of the Whitehouse. Obviously this is just so he can spend more time building up the next candidate – this is what he does. Still, can the AG be long for this administration? It’s already mostly a Lame Duck and most of the original cabinet are gone or on the same out. Still, they know they can’t be elected again so it’s still scary to think of what they may do on the way out…

Government requests return of British residents from Guantánamo. About bloody time. Did Tony Blair really feed so differently to the current PM about this? If not, why the change now?

Obama has a fan in Miss Giuliani. Very amusingly the daughter of Republican presidential candidate Rudolph Giullani has signed up to Barak Obama’s social nextworking site. Mr Giullani already has an uphill fight for the moral voters (pro-choice and messily divorced twice).

Unpaid fines may lead to travel ban. First steps in joined up government databases? Far from the last…

Even more scary – proposals where police may take DNA on street.

Chávez seeks indefinite rule. Tauted once by a lot on the left as our great hope in terms of world leaders. Now he seems like just any other despot. Of course this is our media talking…

No-one is surprised by 190,000 US weapons ‘missing in Iraq’. Just as no-one is surprised by more evidence of pre-war Whitehouse manipulation of information. Maybe they’ll be surprised that even the US is trying to get the UN involved in Iraq. When they have to admit defeat and pull out someone is going have to try and clear up the mess.