I’m trying to remember half the things I was going to say but after 2 hours of being on Skype to

and my parents my brain is kinda mush…

I had been planning this night out all week but by the time I was due to go out I was having second thoughts about wandering around downtown of a city that I don’t know at all and don’t speak the language. I really shouldn’t have worried – even in the most out of the way places I got to tonight there were so many people, both walking and traffic, that nothing could ever happen without 50 people seeing.

I got a cab from the hotel to the place where I believed a rock pub I had read about was located. When I arrived I couldn’t find it and decided to go for a walk instead. Over the next 90 mins I covered most of downtown Bangalore. This has strongly re-enforced my belief that increasingly there is very little difference between people who are black/white/chinese/asian, different religions, etc – all that really seperates people is those with money and those without. The wealth seperation I blogged about previously is demonstrated in  excess in the city center. The main streets are full of Western chain shops but as soon as you step outside them you encounter plenty of people sleeping in the streets.

Anyway, I may have to re-think my plans for tomorrow as none of the shops were appealing. I guess I may walk from the hotel to the park which will be about an hour (as long as I don’t get lost).

At 9.30pm just as I was about to get a cab home I randomly happened across the pub I had originally gone to look for. Going inside was a great nostalgic event. It reminded me greatly of Eddies circa 1992. The same sort of people were in there (the table of squeely girls, the girl who loved the place and her fella that was just going along with it, the young male students trying and failing to be cool, etc) and it all felt very famlilar. I can’t say I liked the music very much, mostly 90s loud hair music (Pantera, etc) but the people watching was amusing enough to soak a couple of hours and I may consider going back tomorrow.

I took a chance and got an autorickshaw home. This turned out to be great fun and very like being on a rollercoaster with no safety bar – highly amusing. 🙂

Will attempt to get some more bear-esque photos tomorrow…