Police Given Access to Congestion-Charge Cameras – today it’s about terrorism, give it a little while and it’ll be expanded to murder enquiries and then… I must get around to reading The Transparent Society.

Amusingly Pepsi now have to label there bottled water Aquafina as being tapwater (since it is).

Starting with a PC game the American Army is now bringing it’s recruiting into arcade games.

The Tory part don’t intend to give back a £10M donation even though everone (including them) agrees the donator was insane at the time.

The United States ambassador in Iraq, Ryan Cocker, has called for all Iraqis working for the US government to be granted refugee status in recognition of the dangers they face. This sounds like someone who thinks the wind says US will be pulling out most of its troops in not too long (many months rather than many years). The Danish government have already given asylum to those Iraqis working for them – sure the UK must be next.

One in three sleep with ‘weapon’ nearby  – not just me then. My tonfa was taken off a druink and agressive old university friend of mine (very stupidly in retrospect in terms on wading it) about 15 years ago and has lived under various beds gathering dust ever since…