Privacy and the “Nothing To Hide” Argument.

Proposal to buy back corrupt Alaskan legislators – ludicrous but makes a point. Most legislatros, in America at least, pander very strongly to the bodies that give them money (not just corporations) as often it is simply the candidate with the most money to spend on advertising that wins. But they represent so mant people replacing that “corrupt” money from each voter would actually be pretty small. It’s good to know that Lawrence Lessig (of Creative Commons, etc fame) is now dedicating himself full time to this kind of problem. (It was great to be able to add a couple of small entries to that).

BBC1 plans two-minute news slot at 8pm – Anyone remember Media Break (“Give us three minutes, we’ll give you the world”) from Robocop?

Love as a predictor of technological success – It should probably be obvious that the products lines that last the longest are those that people develop strong positive emotional feelings for (c.f. Apple). It’s worth watching this short keynote video – it’s very good.

What the hell is happening in Moscow? After repeated spats of the the ridiculous US “anti-missle” shield, fights with the UK of extradition (both ways), claiming to own a huge area of the arctic and now tearing up an important military treaty. For a while now I have been assuming that they are posturing so they will just be taken seriously. However I’m increasingly worried that some of the people in power there are actually taking themselves far too seriously…

China executes former drug chief – Back to corrupt politions, if this is what you faced over bribes I’m sure most would have second (and third) thoughts.

Cameron welcomes married tax break call – Shows very nicely why New Labour is working better than the Conservatives. In David Cameron’s party people under 30 (young, active modernisers) are fighting the old guard (who almost certainly still make up the majority of Tory voters) over a number of Values Voters principles. In New Labour people tend to put this asside and concentrate on winning. Interestingly this is the exact reverse of the Republicans and Democrats in the US.

Police to use helmet cams to record public order incidents – Again it’s hard for me to comment on this. On the one hand it’s obviously one step closer to a survalience state but on the other it records what actually happened (including what the officer did) and is likely to lead to easier and safer convictions.

The new Pope, not content with attacked Jews and muslims and pretty much working hard to undo all the good work done by his predecissor now says Pope says Protestants cannot have churches.

Cheney pushes Bush to act on Iran – More “media evidence” (ie unreliable) that Vice President Cheney really is dangerously removed from the real world. At least while Congress and the American people want the troops home (with the immediate civil war in Iraq possibly even claiming less lives than the ongoing daily terrorist attacks carrying on for decades in the American’s stayed) and negotiation is working rather well in North Korea – North Korea shuts nuclear plant in deal with US.

Blue Peter fined over faked phone-in – Well, there’s my childhood in tatters…