I am well aware that I have a number of things I’ve been meaning to blog about (at least one SALTT lecture and many comments from

) but while I’m still getting around to those…

A picture that shows the whole evolution of Apple products from the Apple 1 (make it yourself) to the iPhone.

As an asside I received my 3G SIM for my work E61i yesterday. Now i have much faster download speeds on my phone (almost 300K/s) than I had on my home PC until fairly recently. I’m hoping to set it up with bluetooth GPS and maps so

and can wander around Italy in October without being lost. It is getting very much like your phone is cramming laptop into a small (too small?) form factor.

Interesting essay on why terrorism hardly every works. In short the people effected by the things they target assume that they are being hurt because the attackers are out to get them – not because the attackers have a political or other point to make.
Interesting paelo-future post. In 1997 Disney redesigned Futureworld in Disneyworld saying it would “… begin with Jules Verne and end with Buck Rogers.” This can be seen as part of the trend of society to more or less give up predicting the mid-term (50 year) future. Post people can have a go up to 5 years and SF writiers have the domain of 100 years or more but the mid-ground used to be something most people could have a crack at – no more. I’d say this is another example Future Shock.

Russia allows firms private armies and first genome transplant turns one species into another are two more steps towards the classic CP2020 world.

Gordon Brown is doing a very good job of using his “honeymoon” take over period to rush out a number of policies to not only distance himself from Tony Blair but also to make him look like a money engaging leader. Brown to give MPs final say on war, Brown hands key powers to MPs & Voters to determine local spending. If he keeps this up and people manage to forget his part in the war, BAE, etc he may well pull off a previously unbelievable 4th consecutive Labour win (assuming the Tories self distruct before the election as always).

Talking of the war – Oil a factor in Iraq war, says Australian minister.

Much has been said on President Bush’s supposedly sad and lonely 61st birthday (seems rather unlikely to me) and the failure of his recent immigration policy and the pardoning of ‘Scooter’ Libby. However I think the fact that for the first time in many years Congress actually appears to be going against the Executive Branch is a much bigger deal – for exmaple – Congress set to block missile defence.

Lastly – Number of marriages at new low. As organisied religion has less overt meaning to most people (less than 5% of British 20-30 year olds attending church on Sunday in 2004) is it just becomming less important? Given the number of divorces (167,138 in the UK in 2005 alone) are people seeing co-habitting as just easier? Given the mix of people I know that are married and long-term co-habbitees (or go from the latter to the former) it really seems to make very little differnece…