There was an old man who liked Doctor Who – he had so many things to post he didn’t know what to do…

House To Vote On Paper Trail and OSS Voting Bill – The American establishment very cleverly may vote to make voting systems open source. However, if the data is still stored and processed electronically then the fact that the collection is tamper-free certainly doesn’t mean the results are.

Virginia Tech Report Cites Privacy Law Problems – Yup, you know what caused the terrible shooting? Too much freedom (y’know the freedom the bad guys are all supposed to envy).

First video game ban in a decade – ensuring mass publicity, mass importing from abroad (I’m assuming that’s not illegal too) and mass illegal downloading. What exactly did the censors think this was going to achieve? If they really want to censor things they need to get into the development houses and kill these games before they are created. But no business sponsored MP is going to let any watchdog do that.

Anglican gay split comes closer –  The American Anglican  Church (which has all the money  but likes gay people) is  looking sat to split from the  rest of the world (ie the African Anglican Churches that  have the  vast majority of people, no money and  hate gay people).

Three more on BAE :
BAE bought £75m Airbus for prince
Attorney general says BAE details were withheld for fear of leaks (sick isnt it)
BAE faces criminal inquiry in US over £1bn payments

What I find most interesting is this and the American “caging” issues along with rendition and now Scooter Libby and the whole RNC email debacle not going away shows that, at least on the ‘net, it’s hard to controll the media than those in power would like…