You all knew I wouldn’t be able to stay out of it…

Anyway – there was such a good post on /. I wanted to share…

haeger said :

> “I am not American”
> You can stop there. Stay the frak out of our politics.

We would, if you could stay the “frak” out of our business.
USA still has a lot of international say and use it in a not so civilized way at times.

Stop kidnapping our citizens and send them to Guantanamo for no good reason. []
Stop keeping “secret” prisons in our countries. []
Stop your european missile shield program. []
Stop invading souvreign countries to protect american profit interests. []
Stop pushing SW-patents and other bad ideas onto the rest of the world. []
Stop being the top polluter in the world. []

Your politics affect us, and as long as that’s the case, we really can’t stay the “frak” out of your politics.