What more could you wish for? 🙂

must be rueing the day he tried to get me to post more non-ljnks stuff…

Anyway, without even going through the things I currently have bookmarked on bloglines I think I already already have four or five things I want to post about lined up so better crack on.

I’m looking for a word or phrase but first – some background.

Back in the 70s The Goodies did an episode where they went to a remote retreat. Graham, the “mad boffin” character is confronted with a tea-spoon and complains “but it doesn’t have a switch on it!”. Later in the episode he shows how he’s upgraded the spoon so you push the top and it stirs you tea for you.

I was reminded of his baffled statement today. I went to a garage to get petrol on the way home. After I paid I walked up to the door and waved my hand in front of it in order to kick off the sensor. Nothing happened. For a fraction of a second I couldn’t work out what to do. Then I, obviously, did a paradigm shift and just pulled the door open.

The point I’m making is that society is getting so used to having technology embedded around us that when it goes wrong we can be left, at least momentarily, completely unsure what to do. I’m looking for a word of phrase that either means that or one that means the situation I was in when I was stood there trying to work out what to do.

Any suggestions?