I suppose the best example would be that I’m doing this at work… 🙂

It’s not so much that I have another stack of LJ entries that I want to do. It’s more that I was in a meeting earlier (in the pub) with some engineers and they were discussing who they were going to use the tool I’m in charge of deploying to write a series of new tools themselves (dogfood fashion) and fully expected to take 2 weeks to do each one. A few years ago that would have sounded like a ridiculous boast but now I fully believe them.

I picked up my new toy yesterday (Nokia E61i) :

One of Symbian’s equivalents of the Crackberry (yes, I am shortly to be a full time manager). I can pick up pictures, music, video and my webcam off my home PC remotely now – pretty much anywhere. There’s video calling and who knows what other functions (I’ve not read through the manual yet – at least GPS driven maps if you pay for it which I’m not) – many of which would have been pipe dreams a year ago.

Things are happening fast, especially in technology. I’ve always loved the bleeding edge of tech and even I’m struggling to keep up….