I’ve got another long post about religion, faith and other potential causes of lively discussion to do in a bit but before I do that I wanted to talk about this seperately.

I’m completely serious about how cool I think it would be to have a regularly “philosophy club” where people who are interested in theology, ethics, metaphysics and the like can get together and chat about stuff. I think once every 4/6/8 weeks (delete as approproate) would be often enough. Ideally not at a weekend so more people can make it. So, after work on night – somewhere near(ish) the center of town where it’s quiet, smoke free and near the Nothern Line so most people can get home easily after. There is one place that leaps to mind but I’ll see if anyone reading this knows where I mean and volunteers.

I’d be very keen for other people to suggest topics to discuss. Given a little notice the people going can choose to read up on the subject in advance (or not) before hand.

I guess what I’m after then is a list of people who would be potentially interested in coming along to something like that and we can work out the logistics and topic at a later stage.

Please pass this on to anyone else who you think might be interested – I’ll be inviting more people myself if it looks like its going to happen.