The pile of stuff on Bloglines is never going to go down unless I actually go through some of it…

Sony Debuts Razor-Thin Flexible Display – Demo looks very impressive. When they mass produce this in the next five years expect to start seeing it everywhere. No escape from animated adverts (see Minority Report) to be sure but also touch-driven large screen devices you can roll up and put away (see Earth Final Conflict, etc).

Sign on the times – Ed tells the story of a lesbian couple, their sperm donating friend and the chaos that happened when the women split. Until this kind of thing gets a whole bunch of solid legal precedent there’s going to be a lot of trying times for young kids ahead.

On to how times have changed – Ad from 1934 promises to help you get fatter.

Capt. Hook – kids’ novel about the origin of evil many people might be interested in buying this (perhaps

 but especially

) – if anyone does get it let me know if it’s any good.

Another trippy short by Jim Henson: The Cube (1969) – Well done, if you like this kind of thing

TV contestants to compete for woman’s kidneys – I’m counting down the days until this is exposed as another hoax.

Activist investors risk abuse – FSA – If you buy shares just in order to protest at the company AGM you could be in trouble. Another end to free speach.

Temple campaigns to save TB-infected bull

De Menezes shooting police cleared – Unsurprising.

3,000 freed early to ease prison crowding – Not going to solve any long term problems.

US rejects all climate proposals

Too embarrassed to protest – A story of an almost sexual assault. I can believe women being too frightened to fight back but too awkward or embarrised? Surely not?

More later on as always…