So, that was the end of season 3. What a damp squib.

Spoliers .

It really is starting to get on my wick that every time they look as though they are about to explain anything they jjst add more layers of mystery. This is what destroyed the X-Files…

Current un-answereed questions in random order (that I can think of at the moment – there’s bound to be more) :

  • Why is Mikhiel immoral?
  • What was the disease the affected Ressuo’s crew?
  • What’s the stuff that Desmond kept injecting himself with?
  • Why can’t children be born on the island?
  • What were the tests done on Walt?
  • What is the monster?
  • What is Jacub and why does he need help?
  • How did Ben go from being an outside to the leader of the Others so quickly?
  • Why is Jack’s father alive in the “future”?
  • What’s with Desmond’s mind travelling in time?
  • Does death come for people repeatedly until they die?
  • Is there pre-destination?
  • Why did the psychic tell Claire she had to be on that plane?
  • What’s the meaning behind the numbers (never mentioned these days)?
  • How did Lock survive the bullet wound and know to stop Jack (explained next ep I suppose)?
  • What does Penny know?
  • What’s the group on the boat and how do they know about Desmond and Penny (and that Desmond was on the island)?
  • What’s up with the giant 4 toed foot?
  • How did Lock’s father get to the island (he spoke of being picked up – not magiced there)
  • What’s the Grand Plan that the others think they’re all taking part in?

See, every time it looks like something’s going to be answered you just get more questions… Pulling the show off the island just isn’t enough of a tactic to keep me interested. Sure, it may be unexpected but if they don’t start answering some of the above ASAP in season 4 it’s gonna loose me…