I wasn’t going to post about this until I saw

saying :

> glad to see Dr Who back with another stonking episode

Dear oh dear…

– spoilers below…

While I’m no-where as dismissive of Doctor Who as

I have to say that Saturday’s episode was one of the most annoying bits of TV I’ve seen for a while (nb, I don’t watch a lot). Doctor Who is very seldom good SF but is frequently a very good fantasy show (cf The Shakespear Code) but this weeks just got my goat on so many levels:

  • Another “bottle” episode extremely similar to The Impossible Planet.
  • More than one throw-away character whose sole purpose is to be horribly killed by the monster of the week and then never mentioned again, never mind greived over.
  • An endearing character who through only negligence rather than malace ends up killing those they love and themselves.
  • More screaming than dialogue.
  • The Doctor writhing around on the floor like a landed fish (watch it with the sound on mute to get an idea of what it must have been like to film those sections).
  • Nonsensicle 20th centuary references – eg Beatles vs Elvis.
  • Monster of the week wandering past the doctor who does nothing to stop it.
  • Survivers seem untroubled in the aftermath.

I’ve always said that Doctor Who can be very enjoyable if you have low expectations but this one was just a bit pants…

Counting down to

‘s response in… 5… 4… 3… 🙂