Another very good 365 Tomorrows story : Love Lucy. I think this story will absolutely come true within my lifetime not for androids but instead for pure software simulations (ref The Sims).

From the guy who wrote the seminar Understanding Comics : Scott McCloud gives away “The Right Number”.

The reality of G8’s $50bn pledge

American politics:

US war on terror is a war on tourists, too – I know that I will be very much in two minds about visiting Amerca as it exists at the moment, even to visit Lindsay.

US House backs Iraq withdrawal.

Depressing reading – Why Polls Don’t Matter. Basically polling people about complex matters is pointless because the majority of people are so stupid they just parrot the last thing they were told to say by people they trust (ie last nights news on their chosen tribal channel).

Resolution To Impeach VP Cheney Submitted. Not that anything will happen but prior to the Dems taking over the House even the concept would have been impossible.

It’s my intention to do a more personal one next time…