Zach Wendling of at In The Agora puts it in the best (ie most simple) way I’ve seen so far:

1. From time-to-time, certain individuals will lose their sanity
2. A set of the insane will have violent tendencies.
3. Some of the violently insane will have the means to inflict great damage.
4. Some of the violently insane will have the opportunity to inflict great damage.

Following on from what I’ve said before about Seung-hui Cho ending up where he did because he did not have a single friend that could help stop his descent… Well, I read (but annoyingly can’t find the link) that actually several people in his department had tried to invite him out to social events such as small dinners but he always said no. If that is true then it really does look as if he was just a seriously mentally ill young man and sadly there really is nothing anyone could have done about it without manditory mental health exams (gun control arguements excepted).

Many many people have compared what happened in VA Tech to Iraq. While it was an ultimately sad day for those who were affected by the shootings to put it in perscpective there is a VA Tech type event in Iraq at least twice every single day…

Iraq: Car bomb kills dozens in holy city of Karbala

Baghdad blasts kill 160

VA Tech shootings: world perspective

Comparing VT Shooting to Iraqi Reality

The US solution appears to include…

US builds Baghdad wall to keep Sunnis and Shias apart

Because that worked so well in Belfast, Isreal and Germany…