A few days ago

said the following to me in an LJ comment: ” Your posting are always thought-provoking and interesting. But how about a posting that expresses your views not through links to articles and other sites. Rather a posting consisting entirely of your opinion(s), rant(s), stream of consciousness or brain-farts without any quotes or  references. Do you accept this challenge?”

To which I will say three things that occurred to me on the way into work today (yes, I’m at work on Sunday):

1. It’s lovely and warm which means many young ladies are wearing their summer outfits. For some this is highly attractive – for others this can be a huge mistake (given their choice of clothes).

2. For perhaps the first time today I saw a young lady, perhaps 15 or 16, out with her young gentleman and thought to myself “If I was her father I would have never let her out the house in that” – probably thereby earning her never-ending animosity.

3. It is lovely to see all the trees in gorgeous bloom. Seldom do you see so much public sex on display. Think about that next time you pass a counter of flower bunches in the supermarket.