Under cut for length – originally here.

There are any number of reasons, and they are all very real.

For example, imagine that suddenly your dear and loving parents split apart violently. Your once placid and happy life is sundered apart. Instead of caring, your friends (if you’re lucky enough have any) shrug it off. They might have gone through divorce and think it’s much ado about nothing or perhaps they simply don’t understand.

Meanwhile life only gets worse. It isn’t just that no one understands, no one wants to. No one makes the effort to connect and communicate, or not enough people do. You only get to watch as everyone around them appears happy and complacent. They’re having fun, playing games, living normal lives and crying about silly things like how their boyfriend dumped them. Boohoo, your soul is only tearing itself apart and no one notices.

The wound festers, and before long you hate everyone and everything. They’re is so happy like sheep, ignorant and uncaring about the injustices that go on around them. They don’t fucking care, so long as they get to have their stupid, superficial relationships and screw each other while others suffer. They’re more than willing to spend $15 a month on some remote child in africa but to actually lift a finger themselves, too hard for the bastards.

Demons all of them. They’re talking about you behind your back. They’re pointing you out, you’re the weirdo. The anti-social ass who chased away all those fuckers who were your “friends”. No one wants anything to do with you, or doesn’t know you’re unclean. You practically don’t even exist in the feeble minds of these bitches. Some socially disfigured leper.

Damn those fuckers to hell. You play nice, you’re a “primadonna” because you had a nervous breakdown when your parents split. You play rough, and you’re a lowlife scumfuck without the sophistication to breed. Fuck’em all and their social games. They’ll see. You’ll wake them up and they’ll see. They’ll see themselves for the compassionless, stupid fucks they are. Yeah, it’ll be sweet.

Is that how this happened? Probably not. However, it’s suprising how quickly good people can go bad when there’s no one willing or able to support them.