Two out of five questions answered (the music and the collective psychic link does seem to include everyone).

Mostly just very, very disapointed on the big revalation of who the other 4 (out of 5) cylons are. Why didn’t the other cylons know? Why activate them now? Why have representations of them in the Opera House? Is Tyrol’s child half cylon?

Really though just pissed that they take at least two characters I’ve always liked a great deal (Tyrol and Starbuck’s fella) and now not only make them completely unpredeictable but also we have to question all of their past actions to wonder whether they were free will or just part of their programming. *sigh*

Kudos for detailing all the terrible things people have done since the show started that have been glossed over though.

As I’ve said before my fear now is that it will get canned before the end of season 4 with almost all of my original questions unanswered. Still, given the whole life-after-death thing for Starbuck it’s either got to be that she’s a cylon (for pete’s sake) or that the gods really do directly intervene…