Three, rather long, but very good essays:

Two on perceived vs real risk – one from Time Magazine and one from Bruce Schneier.
Another on the incredable difference in attitudes to privacy of those who have grown up with the internet.

Two significant issues:

Minister gives schools right to ban Muslim veil. I simply don’t understand this. Isn’t it obvious to people that banning something is the surest way of getting people to force it’s continued existance? If instead they simply waited for the next generation of girls growning up in the muslim community to see how their peers from outside their community live then they would see that things would head in the direction they want anyway. But who wants to wait 50 years and do it the peaceful and easy way.

New passport applicants must go for interviews. I’ve been on the fence with the whole No2ID thing. However, given the huge amount of centralised information that is now being collected on everyone using things like this as justification and, more importantly, that from 2009 everyone who wants a passport will have to supply their fingerprints I’m definitly starting to see what they’ve been shouting about all this time. Fingerprints in 2009, bound to be DNA not too long after…