Today I sent this email. It’s all downhill from here…


Hi xxx,

Okay, that looks really good. The question is twofold as to what we do next. The first is to have some kind of simple plan from yourself as to what bits need doing before it can be sent out into the wild in a first release (support for xxx is the major thing I see missing at the moment). The second is how we, carefully, approach people in terms of getting it more generally accepted within xxx.

Obviously there is a huge investment in the current system. Who do we speak to and how do we pitch it?

  • First stop would be to talk to the xxx, the xxx of xxx. Its possible that there’s something significant that will be missing from your tool and if so xxx is the person to pick that up.
  • If there is buy-in from xxx the next thing to do would be to get in on the xxx roapmap so it’s rolled out to everyone in a managed way and is properly supported. We probably want to get xxx (xxx for xxx) and xxx (xx for xxx) involved at that stage.
  • In parallel with the second stage we want to be discussing with xxx if it makes sense to incorporate this into a future release of xxx. xxx of xxx is driving the xxx future requirements for xxxx with xxx right now so when we start to get some internal traction with this we need to get him on board.

Looking forward to seeing (and using!) the first full release of this. Perhaps when it’s close to being released you could give a presentation to xxx about it?