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Warning serious spoilers for Battlestar Galactica 3×16 “Maelstrom” and Lost 3×08 “Flashes Before Your Eyes”.

Poor old serenitysangel got seriously spoiled for BG 3×16 when she read in advance that Starbuck was going to die. Now, on the face of it Starbuck’s death seems completely random and pointless – she doesn’t even have the pre-death “moment of glory” that a number of people have use to justify Wash’s death in Serenity. Now, given her apparent connection to “the Gods” via the recurring image, it seems extremely unlikely that she is gone for good. So, how can they bring her back? Well, it seems to me that they have two options.

The first and easiest way to do this would simply be to make her a Cylon. Now, regardless of all the other impact this would have the first thing it would mean to me is that the scenes that we saw in episode 3×16 with her mother would never actually have happened (because she had no mother). If we are being shown scenes as being “real” and then are told retroactively sometime later that they’re not then we can’t trust the show that any scenes at any time maybe, later on, be retconned out of existance – making the whole show’s fabric highly unstable and pretty unwatchable.

The second way to bring her back would be as some “prophet of the Gods”. This has its own problems. Firstly, introduces concrete proof of the supernatural. Everything we’ve seen from the Gods so far (the hologram on Kobol, the space beacon, the temple) could have been built by an advanced civilization. Bringing someone back from the dead is a step well beyond that. Now, if the supernatural is real it obviously works without bounds and we have no idea of what could happen at any time (for example the gods decide to resurrect everyone who died in the 12 colonies). Again, the show looses its logical foundation, the fabric of the show becomes unstable and… You get the picture.

Now, coincidentally, Lost is suffering from the exact same problem. In Lost 3×08 Desmond’s  consciousness is apparently sent back in time and he is not only shown evidence of predestination but when he arrives back at the island he appears to gain precognitive powers. Now, there are two explanations that I can see for this and they exactly mirror the problems with BG above. If what he experiences was a fantasy, perhaps created by the same thing that showed Mr Eko the vision of his brother before it killed him, then we have no way of knowing at any time whether what we’re watching is “real” on “induced memories” and the rug is completely pulled out from under the viewer. The alternative, that the supernatural is real and his consciousness really did travel through time, means, as above in the second BG problem, that since what the supernatural can do remains definitively undefined we can never hope to understand and predict what is going to happen on the island and therefore the main reason of watching for me, to try and puzzle out what is going on, is lost as it literally could be anything without bounds or limits.

I’m going to carry on watching both of these shows for now but they’d both need to do something special to pull it back from here.