A 365 Tomorrows story I particularly liked:  Frame of Reference.

Canada becomes the first Western country to repeal some of it’s emergency post 9/11 terror laws.

The BBC has been prevented from broadcasting an investigation into the ‘cash for honors’ inquiry by the Attorney General. Interestingly there are two ways to look at this. The first is that he is covering himself and his colleagues. The second is that he is doing his job which is to ensure that reporting will not compromise a jury in any subsequent prosecutions. What it mostly points out is the insanity of having a senior member of the judiciary being a political appointee.

Following on directly from that now that the SFO has been shown to a independently toothless there’s plans to close the whole embarrassing thing down.

One of the interesting things about the internet is that it works very well in displaying one of the key principles of free speech – that is that it is better to allow nutters people who’s opinion differs to yours the ability to say what they want and show how stupid they are rather than to ban their speech. A beautiful example of such folks in Conservapedia – a Creationist alternative to Wikipedia. This is their entry on the cactus. **Edited* – apparently after getting too much publicity they’ve edited there copy – good job the original is still on BoingBoing. 🙂

Senior American military people have now said that they have 6 months to turn around Iraq or “suffer a Vietnam type collapse of public confidence“. In a similar vein I read (but can’t find the link) that a significant number of senior pentagon officials said they would resign if Iran was bombed. Amazing the response seems to be that the American administration may actually try actually talking to Iran.

Unbelievably right up to 2002 the UK MOD was still using our tax money to finance psychic research.