Currently watching Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex: Solid State Society – seeing Kusanagi, Batou and the tachikomas the is like coming back to old friends. 🙂

Josh Wolf becomes the American “journalist” who has spent the longest in jail for not turning in sources to a story. Mr Wolf is a freelance blogger and many quesiton whether those count as professional journalists (regardless of people like the folks who runn Kos frequently getting press passes).

Very interesting article on the mass sell-off of British companies and institutions (eg football teams) to foreign companies and individuals. While the article is very informative in-and-of-itself the real question is of course – does it really matter?

$12bn shipped to Iraq goes missing. Yes, literally 30+ tonnes of money vanished – much of it then used to buy weapons used to attack American soldiers.

The bizare religous ruling council of Saudi Arabia is very unhappy with the letter “X” (appearently it looks to much like the Christian cross) and many of their other strange statement.