Extremely good, if extremely long, article in The New Yorker – “knowing the Enemy“. It covers how progagander and information manipulation is being used with great sucsess on both a local and global level by the likes of Hezbollah and Al Qaeda while the West, in general is extremely bad at trying to convince anyone but a small minority on their own side. Despite their claim to be after “hearts and minds” the American military seem happiest when they view everyone except themselves as “the enemy”.

After reading and agreeing with Greg Pallast that the war in Iraq was about stopping the flow of oil from there it occurs to me that another thing easily tacked on was the opportunity to use and therefore justify the existance and replacement of hugely expensive pieces of warfare kit – like Cruise Missiles. Obviously it looks much better for the PR at home to see those than who knows how many people working early to integrate them selves could be paid for with the same money.

Makes you wonder, as ever, where the real war is being fought…