After at least two years of planning to go to various tourist sites around London and repeatedly putting them off I finally went to Westminster Abbey today. This is especially impressive given that its closing time on a Saturday is 1pm, it takes a good couple of hours to go round and it takes me over an hour to get there!

Anyway – my memories of the event…

  • They don’t like it when you take photos (even without a flash). They also don’t like it when you join on the end of a tour group (I didn’t know you had to pay!).
  • Chewing of gum should be pressly forbidden in tourist sites of grandure.
  • They called for 2 minutes silence and prayer while I was there. Everyone within my sight was silent but not one person prayed.
  • The waxwork of Queen Anne in the Abbey Museum looks remarkably like Kat. đŸ™‚
  • I was quite upset by the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier but I think more perhaps by the fact that no-one else in the area seemed remotely moved by it than anything else.

Overall it was a breathtaking experience – more so than St Pauls by a significant margin.

It left me more than anything thinking about the Unknown Soldier (since he’s right in front of the exit). Some wars are entirely justifyable – WWII being the usual example. However I just don’t know enough about history to say the same thing about WWI. What would have happened if we hadn’t fought the Germans in 1914? A change of leadership and a few changes in culture? Was resisting that even remotely worth the lives of 15,000,000 people? Historians (at least two) that read this can surely inform me better.