I don’t think I’ve ever raved about anything from IBM before which is odd when you consider that they’re still one of the biggest IT companies in the world and must produce their fair share of new products.

Anyway, via BoingBoing (as per normal) I found a link to their revamped ManyEyes site and I’ve been extremely impressed! Basicly it allows you to upload data-sets and create impressive visualisations for anyone to then view. I created the following one in about 10 minutes total (including the time to sign up for the site, find the data, upload it and create the visualisation).

Use the magnifying glass to zoom in and hover of the countries to see the actual statistics. They support numerous types of visualisations – have a look through some of their demos.

Okay, it’s not often people want to show visualisations of data but when we do there is an excellent site to use.

Hmm – okay – how long to get up a graph of the American national debt… Ready, steady, go!