RFID Tattoo for Tracking Cattle and Humans – in some ways a very cool hack but obviously in others very scary. The “number of the beast” folks are going to have a field day.

PM mulls gay rights opt-out  – looks like some churches could have special excemptions to allow them to carry on being homophobic lest their religion is offended. Well – I’d hope it would be – see conversation between C. and myself in an earlier post of mine. This is not just their opinion that is offensive but their actions as well.

Reid proposes splitting Home Office into two Plans for ministries for national security and justice. – MiniPax and MiniLuv anyone? 🙂

MI6 disputes Blair’s Saudi claim – so much for “national security” being a reason to stop the SFO investigations.

Printing designs in 25-foot-high falling water – extremely cool hack.

Psychology of magical thinking – very interesting.

‘There is no war on terror’ – from our very own DPP! How cool is this! Sadly, he’s effectively written an “I resign”.