Everyone else seems to have better things to do today than post to LJ – and who can blaim them? 🙂

A few quick links:

British Couple Wins Anti-Gay Speech Settlement which is good because censorship is still censorship even when it shuts up people you disagree with.

The government ignored yet another report which makes excellent sense because of predicted bad PR – this time on legitimate red light zones.

The top ten underreported news stories of 2006.

Eddie Izzard’s Mongrel Nation excellent series now on YouTube showing how almost everthing we consider to be “British” actually came from overseas.

Greatest cartoons of all time (video link roundup) – only a subset of these now work but still worth it for Duck Dogers!

Fascinarting article on neuroscience and freewill. The claim that there has to be something “supernatural” to allow for free will and currently sciences only alternative candidates are QED (with it’s probability theory stuff) or the illusion of free will coming from massively emergent systems is breathtaking. I’d love to chat about this with people who are more informed on the subject.