January: For the people who say I don’t blog about UK politics here’s the ongoing saga of Ex-UK-Ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray and the many memos he wrote to the UK government detailing torture happening there which they turned a blind eye to.

Febuary: After you die… Reincarnated as Yourself

March: I got an award at work today (for organising a team’s information for them), I completed my website project (here), I’ve got the oportunity to chat to some important customers in the morning and one of the work bigwigs is coming to a presentation I’m doing – so why do I feel suddenly like it’s all a bit of an anti-climax…?

April: What I did on my holidays (David Durant aged 34 and a quarter).

May: Thanks to weaselbitch for this one 🙂

June: I’ve just discovered it’s inadvisable to inhale processed sugar.

July: The GOD FAQ

August: have the mother of all updates to do (or a set of them more likely) but in the meantime one of those nice docs that puts a lot of stuff together in one place…

September: Still a ludicrous number at Bloglines that I can’t get it but in the meantime some new ones…

October: Went to see above film tonight.

November: This site tells you what was number 1 in the charts on any given date.

December: ( Usual kind of thing )