Did you know that up until 1951 you could still be arrested and jailed in the UK for being a witch.

Why it’s hard to buy gifts for friends – basically if you think you know people really well you don’t put in as much effort when picking something for them.

Poly Toynbee hits it on the nail about Trident – while the CoE speak up for the first time in years about the same thing.

America and Iraq (yeah, I can’t stay away)…

Bi-partisan American report tells President Bush that America should withdraw from Iraq. He and Prime Minister Blair disagree about it. New incoming American Defence Secretary says America is “not winning” in Iraq. Meanwhile President Bush seems so very alone when he says the “war” can still be won.

At least John fucking Bolton is finally being kicked into the long grass – and no a moment too soon.


Seven Seconds – Excellent story from 365 tomorrows.

Firefly MMORPG Announced – I’ll believe it when I see it.