The Democrats have hardly been in power five minutes in the US and they are trying to restore the legal system.

O.J. “fake” confession pulled from Fox after outcry (see comments on my previous post to read more on this). Book still coming out though I presume.

I’m sure Mark Thomas and CAAT will love the news about the impending prosecution of various people regarding an illegal Saudi arms deal.

One of my favorite bloggers, Ed Brayton, in his blog Dispatches from the Culture Wars started a new thread on how the anti-ID crowd seem to have their own schism going on. On the one hand there are people like Ed who have a live and let live policy which says that if religious people agree with him about the things he feels important, such as keeping ID out of schools, then he won’t give them grief on anything else. On the one side is Richard Dawkins et al who basically say that allowing overtly religious people to join “our” side weakens our arguments by saying “we’ll point out this obvious fallacy but promise to leave that one alone”. I think people probably know me well enough to know which side I’m on. Ironically the post ,rather than bringing the two sides into a rational debate, has opened up to flames from both sides. Sadly this shows the obvious divisions in “our” side and that they are likely to continue for the foreseeable future…

End on some good news – ITER is finally getting off the ground.