Been to see a couple of very good but very different movies recently. Actually they do have a lot of point in common – excellent finnessed acting, very good period settings and the extremely unusual situation where you find yourself liking, or at least fully understanding, all the characters (even if the ones in The Prestige are slightly batshit by the end).

The Prestige is a powerful drama which surprised me by slipping into a different genre near the end but did it in such a smooth way that I thought it worked really well. It used, but didn’t overuse, the “unrelable narator” bit to good effect.

We went to see Starter for Ten tonight and I have to say I loved it. It’s simple story is funny, heartbreaking and then heartwarming by turn. Each of the little 80s nods in the background were great and I loved that even by the end, as I said above, I liked each and every one of the characters.

One of the best bits about Starter for Ten is the music. If you were growing up in the 80s it’s a real festival of excellent tunes you might not have heard for a while (with something like 5 Cure tracks in it). Highly recomended to seveal people I know read this on the music alone.

When I came home I went onto IMDB to look up my favorite chartacter, Rebecca (now, who does she remind me of I wonder? ;-), and was surprised to find that I’d already seen Rebecca Hall in The Prestige only a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t recognise her… 🙂