The government greatly ramps up the useage of compulsory parenting classes. A number of people in the article seem to think this is a bad idea but I can’t say I agree. They must have their reasons but to me it seems like a good thing.

Next on Tony’s list is to start talking up the replacement for Trident. It was slightly weird watching Starter for Ten last night and seeing the students shouting “Nukes Out!” and thinking that nothing’s really changed much. Possibly it’s even more the case now – how many countries have ICBMs or even SSBMs that are in good nick and can reach the UK. Sad to say but perhaps the only justifyable reason for spending billions of pounds on new missles rather than on health and education is the slim but terrorfying possibility of some kind of insane theocracy in the US in the future.

Lastly – how sick can one person be? O.J.Simson has released a book where he ‘pretends to confess‘ to killing his wife in a “well, if I had done it this is what I would have done” kind of way. Not only is it likely that he got away with murder, quite literally, but now he’s laughing at us all and making money from it.