Unlike the Neo-Cons, who allegedly used to threaten to sack anyone who wanted to discuss how much it would cost to rebuild Iraq, back in Clinton’s day they did a full investigation of any post Iraq war situation and came to the conclusion that “400,000 troops — about three times the number of troops stationed there now” would be needed on the ground.

Even though I, like most people in the UK, have more than enough reasons to seriously dislike Tony Blair every so often he does say something that reminds us of why we thought he was The Great Hope back in the days when the Tories were in power. This time he says he’s against the death penality – even for Saddam Husein.

Bruce Schneier On Perceived and Real Risks covers a bit anout what I’ve been saying recently about people not being able to calculate realstic risks in life.

This speaks for itself – White House Caught Doctoring “Mission Accomplished” Video.