Yet another government commissioned drug report is ignored. Makes you wonder why governments worldwide keep paying for these reports if they never intend to change the way they do things.

Scott Adams (of Dilbert fame) points out how morality changes over time when he states the obvious that by today’s standards many of your ancestors were pedophiles.

Another example of where things are going – chefs are copywriting recipies.

Army chief calls for UK to quit Iraq

The number of pupils 14-16 taking French and German continues to decline. Makes me genunly wonder if these languages are really as “necessary” as they were 20 years ago? Would the number be any different if they were Hindi, Manderin or Japanese.

The head of the Local Government Authority thinks schools should have quotas for “minorities” (ie an end to mostly-white vs mostly-asian vs mostly-black schools). I think this would just lead to a dramatic increase in private schools.

Finally, the “war on terror” links creap back in…

‘655,000 Iraqis killed since 2003’ which, put another way, is War claims one in 40 Iraqis.