Somewhat late in catching the start of the new series (thanks

)but now up to speed…

I continue to be impressed with a lot of things about this show. The directions the writers have taken it is leagues away from the original.

Frankly I’m staggered that the main theme of this season is such a direct parallel of the War in Iraq. Currently the planet of occupied humans is currently turning to suicide bombers to create a maximum choas effect. Are we meant to feel sympathy for the insurgence and treat them as heros or is our sympathy instead supposed to be with the “colaberators” who are working with the Cylons to try and gain a long term goal of peace. Both sides take immense personal risks and the show very strongly shows that both sides can be “right”. Add to that strong religous / philosophical discussions and a new theme of whether you can love your child if half it’s parentage is from your strongest enemy. It’s excellent stuff.

The main thing I like though is the uncertaintly of it all. I like shows like Lost and Jericho becuase I believe that there is a written story arc and the writers really do know where the show is going (unlike, say, the X-Files). However with BG, regardless of the show stating that the Cylons “have a plan” in the opening credits, I really don’t think they do. We see their “rulers” arguing from standpoints on fully integrating with the human race all the way to committing total genocide. 

I’m not sure if the writers have a plan but I really do think at this point in time that pretty much anything is possible in terms for future direction of the show.