Arrived in Vancouver! It’s 9.45pm here – trying not to think what time is will be back home.

Had a very interesting chat or three with a slightly strange guy who is a bomb disposal expert for Canadian armed forces. His job is to fly all over the world at short notice to old sites of conflicts (mostly downed aircraft people dig up by accident and old munition stocks people have forgotten about) and make the explosives there safe. It sounds really interesting – he always travells with an Airforce historian who documents everything they find. In his spare time he hunts down the families of those he manages to pick up personal artifacts of to try and return them. Although he was born in the UK he’s been a Canadian national for a very long time – his unit is call “Operation Cromwell International” in the UK but I can’t seem to find any info about them on the ‘net… 😦

More  tomorrow I  expect…