Bloglines haven’t even bothered getting back to me this time (unlike last time, 10 days ago, when they promised it would be fixed in a couple of days)…


“War on Terror” :
Walt Disney World fingerprints visitors

Senetors Robert Byrd & Ted Stevens have a “secret hold” on the proposed bill to have a online database of government spending.
From that I also found the excellent Read The Bills Act (if only we had something similar in this country).
Proposed law to put people on the Sex Offerder Register – even when not convicted of any crime!
Walmart Goes Gay – Mammon has a bigger pull than Jesus.
Katrina: guy who saved 200 with boat sued by boat’s owner – I hope the owner is “outed” on TV.
No civil war in Iraq, insists Bush – but Pentagon differs
Mexican presidential address stopped by protests
Abu Ghurayb – Dr. Steven Miles – Tech Nation – Podcast.

Misc :
Banksy shop-drops 500 remixed Paris Hilton CDs
New good 365 Tomorrows story – The Promise
Very interesting psychology – Christopher Allen – The Dunbar Number – Podcast.

The Secular Bible
Sam Harris – The Future of Ideas – Podcast lecture from his book The End of Faith.